Walking. Everybody does it. Or do they?

Seems like such a simple thing. We have all done a ton of it in our lives.  Often if we go to our doctor and we aren’t active enough for him/her, the suggestion is, “Walk more… it will be good for your health.” But what if someone you care about needs to be exercising more,…


Walking, Running, Feet, and Shoes

OR The Big Question: Walking Shoes, Running Shoes, or Nothing? Ever wonder what the deal is with shoes these days? If you are getting into walking or running, what do you need to know? Is it OK to walk in a running shoe or run in a walking shoe? And, what about these folks who…

Exercise Basics

It’s Fantastic! It’s Stupendous! It’s Your Butt!

OK, maybe I got a little carried away there, but the truth is that our large backside muscles are very cool. For future reference, these are called the glute muscles. Here’s what they do: In addition to providing something for you to sit on besides your pelvic bone, they help you move. Specifically, these muscles…