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Is Chair Design For You or Against You?

Chair design has come a long way. Once thought of as just something you sit on, it now has reached heights of design that astound. Chair design has sparked the interest of artists, architects, designers and scientists. Sometimes, the results even end up in museums. Actually, if you have spent much time in museums, you…

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Standing vs Sitting – Good News/Bad News

In February 2016, I wrote a blog called “Is Sitting the New Smoking?” It spoke of the problems we get from sitting too much. In addition, it mentioned that the problems brought on by lots of sitting often are not counteracted by fitting in some trips to the gym. This is discouraging news to any…

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

WARNING! The information I am about to impart may be depressing! But, I promise to give you the up side, to make lemonade from lemons, and bring in a few unanticipated perks as well. So here goes: In a recently posted article on, a highly respected source of human movement research and guidelines, Dr….