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What You Can Do in “Minutes a Day”

Seriously, how often have you watched an infomercial or commercial touting an exercise plan or device that can get you great results in “minutes a day”? As we know, the lure of instant gratification always looms, and many things in our material universe are invented to appeal to that urge in all of us. Yes,…


A New Kind of Instant Gratification

These days it seems that we are a society based on instant gratification. We want immediate results. We are looking for that little burst of something that somehow we think is going to make our lives better. Or, if you want to put it into scientific terms, instant gratification gives you a little dopamine rush…

Exercise Basics | Mindset

What Results Do you Really Want?

Sometimes we start a new project or exercise plan not knowing exactly what we want to get out of it. And, that’s fair. Often we don’t really know what can happen. There’s the direct results, and then there’s related, or ripple, effects. We can’t control or anticipate everything. And, there’s a learning curve. Often when…