Ever Wonder Why Your Joints Creak or Crunch?
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Ever Wonder Why Your Joints Creak or Crunch?

Often when our joints creak, pop, or make a grinding noise we are left wondering…is this a bad thing? Does it mean I have arthritis or am getting arthritis? Or something else? The good news: Most of the time, the noises your joints make are harmless. Only when there is pain or swelling is it…

Balance’s Unsexy Cousin:  Stability

Balance’s Unsexy Cousin: Stability

In the fitness biz these days there is a mantra “Stability before Mobility.” “Oh crud”, you might say, “NOW what?” Well, before you delete this, just give me a sec. Like its non-sexy cousin balance, stability is something that is pretty much under the radar but can make a huge difference for you. Here’s why:…