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It’s Not Easy Being…

HUMAN!!! We all have our struggles, triumphs, highs, and lows. When it comes to trying to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising enough to satisfy the guidelines, it can be a constant struggle. Why does it have to be so hard? Even those of us who make healthy eating and exercise a…


What Mindset Works Best for Your Fitness Habit?

The answer to this question could be all over the map. There are tons of theories about motivation, readiness, learning styles, success, self-reliance, resilience, happiness, building habits, how to stop procrastinating, and eliminating barriers. And that’s just the beginning! But I will stop now. Once the mind starts to boggle, it’s tough to sort things…

Health and Nutrition

When a Calorie Isn’t a Calorie

Statistics have shown that at any given time 60 percent of us are on a diet, and the rest of us may be watching our calories anyway. So, probably most of us think about calories quite a bit. Remember the days when it was all about “calories in and calories out”? Those days are gone….