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Cutting Edge News about Fat Burning

(otherwise known as “why is it so hard to lose weight?”) As you may know, science is always studying fat, fat metabolism, diets, losing fat, and how our environment is making some of us fat. It’s an on-going process that is continually providing us with more insights. And I am sure some of you have…

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Does Fat Have a Mind of Its Own?

There is so much information, quasi-information, and just plain bad information out there about fat. We would all like to know how it works, how we can control it, and just how much our genes have to do with it. What are we to believe, and what are we supposed to do? Recently I came…

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Is Chair Design For You or Against You?

Chair design has come a long way. Once thought of as just something you sit on, it now has reached heights of design that astound. Chair design has sparked the interest of artists, architects, designers and scientists. Sometimes, the results even end up in museums. Actually, if you have spent much time in museums, you…