There’s Many Ways to Improve Your Balance

Often when we think of fitness we don’t think about balance. We don’t pay attention to the role it plays in our workouts, and we don’t set out to deliberately train for it. And yet, balance is such a key thing to have in our arsenal of physical skills. This is true at any age,…

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Love Your Core So It Loves You Back

Let’s say you are lugging around a couple of grocery bags, bags of mulch (or ice melt, depending), hefting luggage, or even having to help your aged dog up a flight of stairs. Ever wonder what your beloved core is doing to help you with this? Probably not! Even if you suddenly get a twinge…


Do You Get Museum Fatigue?

Museum Fatigue can be the result of aching hips, low back pain and/or knee pain. Any of these problems can leave you sidelined, longing for a bench or couch, or afraid to be very active. And, these symptoms can strike you in plenty of other situations. Indeed, we need our hips, low backs and knees…

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Are You Getting Your Muscles to Multi-Task?

Lots of studies are starting to show that multi-tasking just doesn’t work. Meaning, it actually makes us less efficient, not more. And, alas, this is even more true the older we get. In terms of working your muscles, there are definitely times when you don’t want to multi-task, but instead want to isolate certain ones….

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How to Get More From Two Classic Exercises

It seems that at the heart of many exercise programs is exercise for the biceps and triceps. That would be the front (bicep) and back (tricep) of the upper arm. This is good. For one thing, it is always best to make sure you exercise opposing muscles. In this case, the front and back of…