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Preventing Low Back Pain – Check Your Hip Flexors

When you walk, run, or climb stairs, you have to move your leg forward and bend it from the hip in order to make much progress. The same goes for your knees of course, but let’s save that for another day. Muscles that flex your hip so that you can put your foot forward work…

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Do You Have to Stretch to Get More Flexible?

In my experience, stretching is often something that is neglected or, at the very least, given a cursory place in our workouts. It’s almost as if people don’t think it is very important. And yet, it is! Ever notice that pro football players are out there before a game getting limber by warming up and…

Movement | Stretching & Flexibility

Why Do You Get Muscle Knots? (and what you can do about it)

Have you ever gotten a massage, expecting it to feel great and relaxing, but it turns out to be painful? Or, have you ever gone for some physical therapy and discovered places that hurt when pressed on that you had no idea were there? Or, have you experimented with a foam roller, and found places…

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How to Avoid Overuse Pain

You have probably heard the term overuse syndrome. Or, maybe you have experienced it. You have a pain that instead of getting better as you were hoping, it just slowly gets worse. After awhile, you find yourself at the doctor’s office, and he/she tells you that you have been overusing certain muscles. As a result,…

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Moves and Stretches to Inspire and Rock You!

Here’s the deal: I am sure we have all felt this at one time or another, or maybe even daily. Once we sit down for a while, something changes. In fact everything changes. Our mind, our cells, our expectations, and desires. Suddenly we want inertia, coffee, sugar, comfort, happy hour, or maybe even a nap….

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Got Joints? Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy

I would have to venture that just about everyone who is an adult human is aware that joints can be a real pain at times, and can even get us into life-changing situations. Whether you are just aware that you need to be taking care of your joints, or are facing some compromises in how…