Have You Ever Heard of or Experienced Health Shaming?

I had never seen this term before, and doubt if it is in our normal vernacular, but I think it should be. Perhaps you have never seen this either, primarily because it can be very subtle and pervasive. What is it? “Health Shaming” is a term that I saw used in a recent article by…


Singin’ the Treadmill Blues

Before I get started, a bit of lawyerspeak…the term “treadmill” also refers to elliptical, stationary bike, arc trainer, or whatever your cardio machine of choice is. This blog is for those of you that have a difficult time feeling warm and fuzzy about your cardio machine experience. Or, perhaps because of overwhelming feelings of dread,…

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

WARNING! The information I am about to impart may be depressing! But, I promise to give you the up side, to make lemonade from lemons, and bring in a few unanticipated perks as well. So here goes: In a recently posted article on www.functionalmovement.com, a highly respected source of human movement research and guidelines, Dr….