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Stressed? Afraid? Anxious? Take Charge and Take ACTION!

It would not surprise me to find out that many people are now struggling with how to make the best of a temporary but frightening “new normal” that has been brought about by the spread of COVID-19. As an exercise and nutrition coach, I have to put in my two cents. First let me say…

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Are We Dumbing Ourselves Down by Eating Junk Food?

Our brains are fabulous. They really know how to keep us functioning, our lives interesting, and help us make choices all day long. On top of that, they help us make decisions about when to eat and when to stop eating through messaging systems that tell us when we are full, and when we are…

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The Elevated Status of Being Sedentary

Please excuse the “bait and switch” tactic here, but I wanted to get your attention. In case you didn’t know it, sedentary behavior (a.k.a., sitting around a lot) has been given its own niche on the list of risk factors for, um, death. In the meantime, there is a quality of life issue with sitting….

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Let’s Dump the 10,000 Steps!

For a very long time, it has been understood that keeping fit meant taking 10,000 steps a day. Many fitness trackers and pedometers have been programmed to let you know when you have reached that goal. Contests and wellness programs have been focused on it. But…get this! This idea first came on the scene in…

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Going Wild on the Paleo Diet

Back in Paleo days, we know they had it tough. Life spans were short, availability of food was short, and people were short. Makes you wonder…what could possibly be so great about the Paleo diet? It has to do with one word…NATURE. Diseases of Civilization Since agriculture hit the scene about 10,000 years ago, things…

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The Heroic Act of Getting Off the Couch

Ever wonder why you sometimes just can’t get up the energy to stop vegetating? Vegetating definition: Watching TV for hours. Including bingeing on your favorite reruns, sports on a Saturday or Sunday, or evening TV. You have your favorites. You don’t want to miss them. This is the obvious definition. But there are plenty more….