What’s Getting In The Way Of Your Health and Fitness Goals?

There may be plenty of things that are getting in your way. You want to feel better, have more energy, have better focus, lose weight, and know that you are doing something very positive for yourself.

But it may feel like too much of a project. Often it seems that the options either take too much time, may be expensive, or aren’t “enjoyable.” Or, you have tried lots of things that just don’t keep you coming back.

There’s no need to get discouraged! You can start over. You can stop thinking that fitness and maintaining weight loss is never going to be a consistent thing with you. With the right tools you can re-set your thoughts, beliefs and habits to get results you thought were out of reach.

Lose Weight?  Exercise More?  I Don’t Think So!

Coming soon! My book guides you along the way to a new solution that actually works! No more blaming yourself! You just didn’t have the right tools. PREVIEW the introduction and first chapter by signing up below. No obligation. The book will be available in paperback and e-book before the end of the year.

Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don't Think So! | Kristen Carter

Another option! Check out my coaching program, ProCoach below. This program follows the same concepts presented in the book. Both the book and coaching program are designed to guide you through a new approach. One that has been effective for over 100,000 clients.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

by Kristen Carter, PN Certified

Are you in a health and fitness rut? Have you tried many diet and exercise programs before, only to fall off the wagon after a few months? You are not alone!  Most people who diet end up right where they started, or worse. I have teamed up with Precision Nutrition to bring a new approach to the dieting and fitness dilemma. View the video and then click below to see my Personal Coaching Overview.

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